Turkey with Cranberries and Sauerkraut (Instant Pot, AIP)

turkey with cranberries and sauerkraut

(Note: This post contains affiliate links) It is said that food preference evolves with age and we can learn to love a food that we did not like previously.  Or, we could learn to appreciate a taste in finer detail.  I find that as I made the change to clean eating, it is as … [Read more...]

Paleo Bak Kwa/ Chinese Jerky (Paleo AIP, Sugar-free)

bak kwa close up

(Note: This post contains affiliate links) It's almost Lunar New Year!  Or Chinese New Year (CNY), whichever you prefer.  My brother used to rant about the term 'CNY' not being politically correct, but sorry bro, we're Chinese no matter our citizenship and the term CNY is going … [Read more...]