Romaine Lettuce Noodles: A pasta-less Fettucine Alfredo

Fettucine Alfredo

(Note: This post contains affiliate links) The thing about living in a temperate climate region is that when summer comes along, it can get unbearably hot and uncomfortable especially when your window can only open less than 45 degrees (!).  My husband says it's because … [Read more...]

Sauce Pissenlit/ Dandelion Pesto (Paleo AIP/ Vegan/ Garlic-free)

Dandelion Pesto

(Note: This post contains affiliate links) There's a little shop in my city which sells all sorts of organic produce from a local farm.  I like to getting my nutrient dense vegetables there, especially kale and other salad greens.  One weekend I noticed they had particular … [Read more...]